Woman left in stitches by neighbour’s response after ‘sex noise’ complaint

Woman left in stitches by neighbours response after sex noise complaint
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One woman was left in stitches after receiving an “incredible” response and apology from her neighbours after she sent a note asking them to try and be quieter at night.

Whether you smiled through the pain or wrote a strongly-worded letter, we’ve all had to deal with noisy neighbours at some point.

As many of us have spent a lot more time at home since March last year, neighbourly relationships have become more important.

You may have become best buddies or hoped they’ll move out after they once again start an impromptu karaoke sesh on a Saturday night.

In some cases, your neighbour might not be aware that you can hear everything they’re doing (ahem).

One woman was left in stitches after she received a brilliant response from her neighbour after she requested they tone it down.

A note to the woman's neighbour asking them to be quieter

The woman shared the note on TikTok (Image: victoriahuneidi29 /tiktok)

The woman shared the exchange on TikTok in a viral video that has been viewed more than 220,000 times.

In it, she explained that she’d been hearing noises from her neighbour’s bedroom for the last four days before deciding to take action.

Her note said: “Hey, I would greatly appreciate it if you guys would separate Yian’s bed from the wall. It’s becoming an everyday thing and it’s very hard for me to sleep with that noise, thx, your neighbour xx.”

The neighbour sent an apology note

The neighbour sent an apology note (Image: victoriahuneidi29 /tiktok)

And just in case she hadn’t made it clear, she clarified: “Noise = moaning, hitting and banging bed to the wall. Thanks hehe.”

Luckily, the recipient had a good sense of humour and happily took it in their stride.

They sent back a card with a $50 dollar gift card for Starbucks – presumably to help the neighbour after a rough night’s sleep.

They wrote: “I apologise for the inconvenience, I will do a better job of managing my volume.

“Thank you for your discretion.”

They cheekily added: “To: Sleepy Neighbour

“From: Loud Neighbour.”

People were left in hysterics at the response, and the video racked up more than 35,000 likes.

One person joked: “Not sleepy neighbour…”

Another added: “The good vibes from the card are sending me, I love you both. It’s incredible”

A third commented: “Wow super chill neighbour though, love the mutua respect here haha.”