Woman finds World War Two room untouched for decades hidden in ‘storage cupboard’

Woman finds World War Two room untouched for decades hidden in storage cupboard
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Mia Gray discovered a World War Two air raid shelter hidden in what she had assumed was the storage room of her building in Edinburgh, years after moving into the tenement with her family.

Mia and other residents discovered the shelter after clearing out the room.

A woman was left stunned to discover an untouched World War Two air raid shelter in the basement of her building years after moving in.

Mia Gray and other residents of the tenement in Edinburgh had dismissed the space simply as a storage cupboard after finding it full of old paint cans and discarded items.

It was only when a new neighbour moved in and asked about the room that it was properly explored, where they discovered its original purpose as an air raid shelter with many of the original features perfectly preserved more than 75 years later, Edinburgh Live reports.

Mia has lived in the building since December 2016, along with her husband and young sons, explaining that she hadn’t given the room a second look until Liz Mowbray moved in recently and pair organised a clear out.

Mia standing next to the bunk beds in the shelter
Mia said some of the triple bunk beds had been damaged after being left to rot for such a long period of time (Image: Edinburghlive)
An old stove
Many of the original features were left untouched (Image: Edinburghlive)

Mia said: “There is a bench that runs all the way round the walls, ‘No Smoking’ signs, an emergency exit, an old stove and two triple bunks, there were more I think but they were very damaged.

“The ceiling is reinforced with sheets of metal. It’s an old washroom so still has two sinks, a mangle and a boiler in it as well.”

The mum-of-two was left shocked that the piece of history had been under her feet for so many years and says the space being made unusable as it was filled miscellaneous items had probably saved it from ever being changed.

She added: “I suspect a previous occupant used it as storage after the war and no one ever bothered to throw anything out.

“The wash room obviously wasn’t needed anymore so no one ever really went down there

“It’s such an interesting part of history especially after posting online and finding out it was quite an unusual find, I think the fact that the triple bunks are still there is quite unusual too.”