We Know If You’re A True 2000s Girl Based On Whether Or Not You Lusted After These 21 Things

We Know If You’re A True 2000s Girl Based On Whether Or Not You Lusted After These 21 Things
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  1. Did you, at one point, think you’d look great in a Von Dutch trucker hat?

    Von Dutch

  2. Did you want a pink Motorola Razr more than life itself?


  3. Or maybe not a pink razr, but a T-Mobile Sidekick?


  4. Did you want every set of earrings from Claire’s?

    cjoss2 // ebay

  5. Did you beg your mom to take you on a shopping spree at American Eagle?


  6. And did you get super upset when she wouldn’t let you get a Myspace (so you just made one anyway)?


  7. Were you convinced you were nobody unless you had a Juicy Couture tracksuit like J.Lo?

    Def Jam/Capitol Records

  8. And did you know that no tracksuit was complete without a pair of Ugg boots?


  9. Did you want a skateboard so you could learn to skate and impress your crush?


  10. Were you convinced that Curious by Britney Spears was your scent?


  11. But then you also obsessed over Victoria’s Secret fragrances like Love Spell?

    Victoria’s Secret

  12. Were you only interested in buying your undies from Victoria’s Secret PINK?


  13. Did you pray your parents would randomly gift you with an iPod nano?


  14. Did you want literally every piece of clothing from the movie Mean Girls?


  15. Did you know for a fact that a studded belt would make you oh so ~edgy~?


  16. Were your lips incomplete unless they were perfectly glossed?


  17. Did you dream of owning a THE Tiffany & Co. heart tag necklace?

    Tiffany & Co.

  18. Did you only want jeans if they were from Hollister or Abercrombie & Fitch?

    Abercrombie & Fitch

  19. Did you know for a FACT that a Dooney & Bourke purse would make you the coolest person in your friend group?

    sherimaxwell / Dooney & Bourke

  20. Did you NEED a pair of arm warmers from Hot Topic?

    Hot Topic

  21. And finally, did you want hair just like Hayley from Paramore?

    Fueled By Ramen

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