Watch: Woman reunited with long-lost ring after 39 years

Watch: Woman reunited with long-lost ring after 39 years

Nov. 18 (UPI) — A woman who lost her high school class ring in Michigan was reunited with the object 39 years later when a man found it among his mother-in-law’s belongings.

John Kuro said he and his family were going through his mother-in-law’s belongings when they found a Harper Creek High School class ring that they knew did not originally belong to the woman.

“We had gone through my mother-in-laws things not too long ago and I happened to run across it,” Kuro told WWMT-TV. “I thought, ‘Well I’ll see if I can find out who this belongs to, we should be able to contact the school and maybe they can find out.’ So that’s the way I did it.”

Kuro contacted the school, which was able to identify the ring’s owner as Daphanie Winders-Tubbs, a graduate of the Battle Creek, Mich., school who now lives in Denver, Colo.

Winders-Tubbs said she lost the ring while she was a sophomore at the school attending Pom-Pom camp at Ball State University in 1981.

“A couple of times I kind of wondered what had happened to it,” Winders-Tubbs said. “My dad had bought me the ring, I had to beg for it and my dad passed away four years ago. So it was kind of cool to get it back.”

Kuro sent the ring to Winders-Tubbs, who said it still fits on her finger.

A Massachusetts graduate was reunited with her class ring after 40 years earlier this month.

James Gilbert said he was treasure hunting in the spring near a pond in the Burbank Hospital area of Fitchburg when he unearthed a white gold ring from Auburn High School’s Class of 1980.

Members of a Facebook group helped identify the ring’s owner as Carol Mulvey, who said the ring was indeed hers, but it had been lost so long ago that she had forgotten it was even missing.

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