UK weather forecast: Mixture of sunny spells and showers this weekend as temperatures soar to 28C

UK weather forecast: Mixture of sunny spells and showers this weekend as temperatures soar to 28C
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The UK will see a mixture of sunny spells and showers over the weekend — but temperature will soar to a balmy 28C.

Forecasters said that a “band of rain” will hover around the north through Friday and Saturday before slowly making its way south through Sunday.

But besides this spout of showers, the UK will see pleasant sunshine, interspersed with some cloudy skies, according to the Met Office.

The mercury will soar to 28C in London over the weekend while the north will see cooler temperatures in the high teens.

UK weather – In pictures

Met Office spokesman Greg Dewhurst said that conditions will be “changeable” throughout the UK over the next three days.

He said: “Throughout the weekend, a band of rain will cover the north and then slowly move south over the next few days, clearing the south coast on Sunday afternoon.

“We will see sunny spells following in the wake of this rain.”

The country will see a mixed bag of sunshine and rain this weekend (PA)

Mr Dewhurst added that the heaviest rain over the weekend will hit the western part of Scotland on Friday.

But he said for much of England and Wales it will be a dry day with “plenty of warm sunshine”.

Meanwhile, Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England will be overcast with outbreaks of rain, he added.

London will see warm temperatures on Friday (AFP via Getty Images)

The south will see temperatures of up to 28C while the north will be cooler with a maximum temperatures of 18C.

Mr Dewhurst said: “On Saturday, the band of rain will slowly move south so that Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England will see a mixture of sunshine and showers.

“The southeast will see a warm day, hitting 25C while elsewhere will see highs of around 19C again.”

On Sunday, the band of rain will push quickly towards southern England in the morning, he said.

But by the afternoon it will have cleared the south coast, leaving a sunny evening behind.

Mr Dewhurst also said that Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England will see sunny spells and showers on Sunday.

The weekend will end with temperatures of around 23C in the south and 19C in the north, he added.

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