UK heatwave forecast: Sizzling Azores plume to GRIP Britain after blistering 29C heat hits

UK heatwave forecast: Sizzling Azores plume to GRIP Britain after blistering 29C heat hits

The UK is set for a sizzling heatwave this week, as the mercury is forecast to rise to highs of 29C. The warm weather and bright sunshine is set to continue into the following week, as an area of high pressure moves in from the Azores – and is expected to last through the end of the month, forecasters claim.

Netweather forecasts expect the week commencing July 20 to be characterised by dry sunny weather in the south of England and Wales.

The mercury will be driven up by an area of high pressure that will move across the south, from the Azores.

The best of the sunshine is expected to be seen from Friday, July 24 and into the weekend.

Forecasters expect temperatures to settle in the mid-20s for the south of the UK, though other parts – particularly the northwest, could see showers and strong winds.

uk heatwave forecast met office forecast sun

UK heatwave forecast: The warm weather and bright sunshine is set to continue into next week (Image: Wxcharts/netweather)

uk heatwave forecast latest news met office news

UK heatwave forecast: A plume of hot air is set to move in from the Azores (Image: WXCharts)

Sunday, July 26 will see warmer weather for most of the UK however, with temperatures rising to 22C in Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as across England and Wales.

Netweather said: “During this week, high pressure will generally be close to the British Isles, ridging into southern and western areas from the Azores, but there will be a generally westerly or northwesterly flow on the periphery of the high pressure area, and there is also potential for one or two chilly northerly blasts.

“As a result, it is not expected to be particularly warm during this week, but there will probably be plenty of dry sunny weather in the southern half of England and in south Wales.”

Sunshine in the south is expected to be above normal during this period.

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uk weather forecast hot weather forecast latest

UK weather forecast: Temperatures are set to be highest in the south of England (Image: Netweather)

Netweather said: “Sunshine totals are expected to be above normal in central and southern parts of England and in south Wales, but mostly near normal elsewhere, and will probably be below normal in the north and west of Scotland.”

The Met Office predicts temperatures will be “very warm” at times in the south during the same period.

Forecasters expect next week to be characterised by settled conditions for many central and southern areas, including several dry and sunny spells.

Next week’s weather will be a continuation of the heatwave expected later this week, with the mercury expected to reach as high as 29C in some areas.

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uk heatwave forecast latest charts met office weather

UK weather forecast: The whole of Britain should see warm weather on Sunday July 26 (Image: Netweather)

Temperatures are set to rise significantly from tomorrow, after a period of cool, wet showers.

Met Office spokesperson Nicola Maxey told “For tomorrow for the south we could see quite widely 23C to 24C, might see some isolated spots get as high as 27C, but only if you get breaks in the cloud and get some good sunshine.

“On Friday fairly similar, mid to low 20s depending on where you are in the country, but again that southeast corner could see 27C to 28C, maybe even a 29C in isolated spots.

“It’s not that widespread, and you do need a good break in the cloud to get it.”

uk hot weather forecast heatwave return uk latest

UK hot weather forecast: Temperatures are set to rise to 29C on Friday (Image: Netweather)

The weekend is set to see a continuation of the warm weather, with Ms Maxey forecasting temperatures could remain in the high 20s for much of the south.

But she cautioned northern areas might only see highs of 22C.

She said: “It depends where you are, and where you get the good spells of sunshine you’re likely to see those slightly higher temperatures.”

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