Two million masks to be sent to Wisconsin schools

Two million masks to be sent to Wisconsin schools
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Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced that more than 2 million masks will be sent to public schools. Evers says he doesn’t think he has the authority to order everyone in his state to wear masks. (July 7)

Video Transcript

TONY EVERS: Today we have announced that the Wisconsin Emergency Management is working to ship more than 2 million cloth facemasks and more than 4,200 infrared thermometers to K through 12 schools across our state. These masks and thermometers will be distributed over the coming weeks to help our schools continue to prepare for kids coming back into the classroom.

Over the past several weeks we’ve seen an uptick in the number of COVID-19 positive cases not only across our country, but especially right here in Wisconsin, where six of seven regions in our state have seen high disease activity levels. As of this weekend, 46% of our total COVID-19 cases had tested positive within the last month. That means that while it previously took us about five months to reach 15,000 cases, in this last month alone we have added more than 13,000 more.

Not worth it. No party, no bar is worth it. Among those who have tested positive, there has been an increase in folks who have met up with people outside of their immediate household in the two weeks prior to this infection. I know a lot of people have asked about issuing another safer at home order, or requiring mask at the state level. Unfortunately the reality is that the Supreme Court ruling in the Republican lawsuit really hamstrung our ability to respond to this pandemic, and that’s why we continue to ask for your help. Public health is everyone’s issue, and overcoming COVID-19 is on every community, on every age group, and every Wisconsinite.

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