Twitter users say fleets are ripe for harassment

Twitter users say fleets are ripe for harassment

Twitter says it’s working on a fix for both issues. A spokesperson confirms fleets are supposed to respect block settings, and that the company plans to add a notification feature. 

These aren’t the only potential issues that have cropped up though. Others have noted that fleets allows users to effectively bypass Twitter’s direct message settings, because fleet replies go directly to your inbox, even if your DMs would otherwise be closed. For some, this might be expected. After all, it mirrors the way Story replies work on Instagram: if someone can see your Story, then they can also send you a message. But it might be less than ideal for Twitter users, particularly those who are frequent targets for harassment, who might expect to have more control over who can message them. 

In a statement, a Twitter spokesperson said the company is “always listening to feedback” and that “keeping people safe on Twitter is a top priority.” The spokesperson added that fleets are subject to the same rules as other content on the service, including warning labels.

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