Trump Throws One Hell Of An Inauguration Day Tantrum In New ‘Photoshop Battle’

Trump Throws One Hell Of An Inauguration Day Tantrum In New ‘Photoshop Battle’
President Donald Trump clings desperately to power ― and throws one hell of a tantrum on President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration day ― in a “Photoshop Battle” that broke out on Reddit this week.

Redditors reworked a photo of Trump cuddling the American flag at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February:


Many participants poked fun at the baseless allegations of mass voter fraud that Trump has thrown out on Twitter in recent days and imagined him pleading to stay in the White House.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II were also drawn into the photo-editing contest. As was Trump’s son, Eric, who has eagerly assisted his father in spreading disinformation to question the result.

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