Trump news – live: Don Jr blames Biden for Iraq war started by George Bush as Michael Cohen’s book says president has ‘low opinion of black folks’

Trump news – live: Don Jr blames Biden for Iraq war started by George Bush as Michael Cohen’s book says president has ‘low opinion of black folks’
Donald Trump once more boasted about the United States’ handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Monday, claiming the country was “starting to get VERY high marks” when compared to other nations.

The US president, who added that a coronavirus vaccine was “coming, and fast”, made those remarks despite rises in the number of infections across 22 US states, according to Reuters analysis., and the wolrd’s largest death toll.

Elsewhere on Monday, vice president Mike Pence and his would-be successor, Kamala Harris, are making separate visits to Wisconsin, a crucial swing state that was largely neglected by the 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, as the 2020 campaign enters the homestretch. 

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Trump praises US pandemic performance, despite deaths

As American deaths from the coronavirus near 190,000, with more than 6.2 million cases, president Donald Trump on Monday praised his administration’s handling of the crisis, whilst alleging that a vaccine was “coming, and fast”. 

The country has, according to John Hopkins data, consistently recorded the world’s highest death count since the pandemic reached North America earlier this year. 

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 15:10


President holding White House conference

Donald Trump will hold a news conference at the White House on Monday, as the US marks the Labor Day holiday.

“Will be having a Labor Day News Conference today at the White House, 1:00 P.M.,” Trump said in a post on Twitter. “Jobs number, and the Economic comeback, are looking GREAT.”

It comes as his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, speaks with workers in Pennsylvania, as both nominees for president make their pitches to voters.

The US president has, throughout the pandemic, promised to restore confidence in the American economy following the fallout from coronavirus. 

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 14:58


New York ramps-up postmortem virus testing

Officials in New York have recently announced plans to increase post-mortem testing for the coronavirus as well as the flu. 

The new regulation will see deaths linked to respiratory illnesses that weren’t confirmed before a person died receive follow-up tests for both viruses within 48 hours. 

“These regulations will ensure we have the most accurate death data possible as we continue to manage Covid-19 while preparing for flu season,” Dr Howard Zucker, the state’s health commissioner, said in a statement last week.

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 14:32


President shares video with alleged protest violence

In a Twitter post on Monday, Donald Trump shared a video – originally uploaded to the social media platform in July – featuring what appeared to be Black Lives Matter protesters hurling objects at a parked police vehicle. 

The retweet, which came with the caption “peaceful protest”, also included the Black Lives Matter hashtag. 

Although the source of the clip cannot be confirmed, the US president, in an apparent attack on anti-racism protests, wrote : “A so-called peaceful protest!”

It comes after a study found that almost 93 per cent of protests against racism this summer were in fact peaceful, amid accusations – led by Mr Trump – that those who participated were “thugs”. 

The report, which was carried out by The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED), analysed more than 7,750 Black Lives Matter demonstrations that took place following the death of George Floyd’s between May 26 and August 22.

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 14:27


Barr lying about foreign election interference, says Democrat 

The attorney general, William Barr, has been accused of lying about the threats faced by the United States when it comes to foreign interference in November’s presidential election.

In an interview with CNN on Sunday, House intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff  described Mr Barr’s claim last week that China is interfering with the election more than Russia, as a “false statement”.

“That’s just a plain, false statement by the Attorney General. A flat-out false statement,” said Mr Schiff. “You can tell that Bill Barr is just flat-out lying to the American people, and it’s tragic but it’s as simple as that.

He added: “It’s just such a disservice to the country that we can’t trust our own attorney general, but apparently Bill Barr is willing to do anything or say anything to help Donald Trump.”

The Democrat’s comments follow a Department for Homeland Security report which last week warned “that Russia is likely to continue amplifying criticisms of vote-by-mail and shifting voting processes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic to undermine public trust in the electoral process”.  

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 14:15


Donald Trump has claimed his Department of Education will defund public schools that include the 1619 Project in their teaching – reviving his claim that children are “taught in school to hate our country”.

The president made his threat to the programme, which teaches the history of American slavery, while quoting a right-wing Twitter account, @Ocitman that claims that “california has implemented the 1619 project into the public schools. soon you wont (sic) recognize america”.

“Department of Education is looking at this,” wrote Mr Trump. “If so, they will not be funded!”

However, his ability to cancel funding is strictly limited, and previous efforts on the part of Republicans to keep children from studying the project have so far come to nothing.

Chris Baynes7 September 2020 14:04


Police arrest 15 after Portland protests

Police have arrested another 15 people in Portland after protests last night near a police station in the Oregon city.

Protesters set fire to some mattresses last night during the 100th consecutive night of demonstrations in the city following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

No one was hurt and the blazes were extinguished by firefighters, but 15 people were held on charges including interfering with peace, disorderly conduct, possession of a dangerous device and reckless burning.

It came after Portland police arrested 59 people and used tear gas late on Saturday as protesters threw rocks and fire bombs at officers.

The city has seen nightly protests for over three months and sometimes violent clashes between demonstrators and officers, as well as between right- and left-wing groups.

President Donald Trump signed a memo on Wednesday threatening to cut federal funding to “lawless” cities, including Portland. Joe Biden, his Democratic challenger in the 3 November presidential election, has accused Trump of stoking violence with his rhetoric.

Chris Baynes7 September 2020 13:49


Trump called prayers ‘bulls**t’, claims Cohen

In another claim made by Donald Trump’s disgraced former lawyer Michael Cohen, whose memoir is set to be released on Tuesday,  the US president called praying “bulls**t” following a meeting with religious leaders.  

According to Mr Cohen, the president emerged from a session with  Christian leaders with contempt, saying “Can you believe that bulls**t?” after they prayed over him, and allegedly asking: “Can you believe people believe that bulls**t?”

The White House has dismissed Mr Cohen’s account of the incident, along with the book as a whole and other incidents that it alleges (including watching a urine-themed sex act in Las Vegas and dismissing “black folks” as “stupid”).

Andrew Naughtie reports: 

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 13:00


Unofficial ‘burning man’ crowd condemned as ’reckless’

San Francisco’s mayor has condemned a crowd of around 1,000 people who partied on a beach this weekend to mark the cancelled Burning Man festival, 

 Mayor London Breed said the gathering, which ignored social distancing guidelines, had “put people’s lives at risk”.

“This was absolutely reckless & selfish,” she added in a statement. “You are not celebrating. You are putting our progress at risk. No one is immune from spreading the virus,” 

The Democrat politician’s condemnation came after video and images posted to social media on Saturday showed large groups of party-goers gathered at Ocean Beach to celebrate what would have been the 34th year of Burning Man, a festival usually held in the Nevada desert close to Labor Day.

It comes as the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has so far claimed 189,000 US lives.

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 12:45


Covid-19 rising across 22 states

The number of states reporting increases in the number of coronavirus cases has risen to 22 out of 50, according to Reuters analysis. 

That news comes as Americans are expected to gather on Monday, amid the Labor Day national holiday, in what some experts have warned could lead to further infections.  

As little as three weeks ago, only three states – Hawaii, Illinois and South Dakota – were reporting a rise. 

Still, most infections continue to be concentrated in Midwestern and Southern states.

Gino Spocchia7 September 2020 12:36

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