Travel Gift Ideas: The Best Presents From Hotel Shops Around the World

Travel Gift Ideas: The Best Presents From Hotel Shops Around the World
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This December marks the close of a year where even those with Frequent Flyer miles in the hundreds and thousands have not been traveling. Everyone has, for the most part, stayed put. But while London’s swanky Connaught hotel (with the best bar in the world) may be out of reach, their Martini glasses are just an online order away. Il Pellicano’s Slim Aarons-famous pool, meanwhile, can be recreated at a pool near you with their striped beach towel. And though you may be unable to venture to Aspen for New Year’s Eve, where the St. Regis’s imposing red brick building gets dusted with snow, you can sport their collaboration with Stubbs and Wootton. One of the styles, designed by Zach Weiss, features a spray of bubbly Champagne. Your feet may be firmly planted at home but your spirits will be transported to the epic end of the year countdown you deserve.

These, and more of the best gifts from hotels around the world, below.

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    St. Regis X Stubbs and Wootton loafers

    Man about town Zach Weiss was asked by St. Regis to design a line of Stubbs and Wootton footwear for men and women. The slippers feature a variety of embroidered decals that will lend your ensemble an I’m-permanently-on-holiday vibe, even if that couldn’t be farther from the truth. To wear the club sandwiches, Bloody Mary, and credit card shoes is to ask, “Did somebody say weekend?”

  • White Elephant pillow

    Travelers to Nantucket know the White Elephant is an island institution. The same will likely be said of their new outpost in Palm Beach, which just opened last week. The hotel’s namesake mascot famously makes appearances throughout the hotels—bring him home with this delightful decorative pillow.

  • The Connaught martini glasses

    The Connaught was just named the world’s best bar—certainly something worth traveling for when the opportunity allows. In the meantime, you can make some of their cocktails at home in their elegant glassware. Cheers!

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