TIFU By Crying in McDonald’s because “They didn’t have nuggets”

TIFU By Crying in McDonald’s because “They didn’t have nuggets”
Didn’t happen today but a few months ago but I still wanted to share cuz I wanna get this off my chest.

A little bit of a backstory: I’m 17. I’m an athlete and I’m kinda tall (6’2″). My gf for 2 years and I broke up recently for reasons not important. Just gonna say that shit got fucked up and it we both agreed we weren’t seeing eye to eye anymore. Didn’t really feel anything about it back then. Just tried to move on with my life.

Thing is we kinda have a “couple song” every time we get romantic. It’s a “Million Dreams” from her favorite movie “The Greatest Showman”.

Y’all probably know where this is going. My dad and I decide to go out for a change after being home for a while. We decided to stop by McDonald’s.

I found us a seat while my dad ordered. I decided to listen to music on my phone on shuffle seeing that the queue was quite long. When suddenly my phone decided to play that one song. I thought about skipping the song but my brain decided it was time to reminisce the past.

Next thing you know tears started coming out. I tried to stop it but my efforts were in vain. There’s no stopping the feels train. Eventually, I went from sobbing to full out crying. I haven’t cried in years so it was real bad and people were noticing.

I then get a message from my dad saying they ran out of nuggets. I said it’s cool.

Minutes later he comes by with our food. Despite my best efforts I still had that “just cried” look. He looks at me for a while and says: “No need to be so dramatic just because they ran out of nuggets”.

I still haven’t told him the reason why I cried that day. To this day he believes I cried because “McDonald’s ran out of nuggets”.

TLDR: My ex’s favorite song made me cry in public, while my dad thinks I cried because “McDonald’s didn’t have nuggets”.

Edit: Woah, didn’t expect this to get much attention. My last post on here got like 50 upvotes.

Just wanted to say thanks for those who gave me advice and support. If anything, crying definitely made me feel much better afterwards.

And no, this ain’t no advert. Some of y’all gotta chill.

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