Tiffany Haddish used to ‘dress like a man’ to be part of comedy ‘boys’ club’

Tiffany Haddish used to ‘dress like a man’ to be part of comedy ‘boys’ club’
Tiffany Haddish used to “dress like a man” early in her career in a bid to be accepted by her male comedy peers.

The star began her career in the late ’90s but found it tough to be accepted by the the “boys’ club” – so she altered the way she dressed to help her fit in better.

“I started in 1997 when I was a teenager at the comedy camp at the Laugh Factory,” the Like A Boss star explained to Variety.

“I definitely had a voice, but I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I was just throwing stuff up against the wall and trying to see what worked,” she admitted.

Haddish then confessed: “For a period of time — for like five years — I tried to dress like a man so I could be a part of the boys’ club.”

She disclosed: “I even did a podcast where somebody gave me a flaccid penis and I would put it in my pants and go to the comedy club with it in there.”

Recounting that she was 23 or 24 at the time, Haddish said she: “felt more confident and it felt to me like the men were treating me like I was one of the boys.”

She noted: “Even though it was a fake penis, it seemed like people had more respect for me, just from my walk, my energy.”

However, the star had to give up the penis prop after a while, after her ploy was embarrassingly exposed.

“One day we were in the parking lot in a group and I was wearing baggy pants and I started doing a little dance and it fell out of the bottom of my pants,” Haddish recalled, adding: “People were like, ‘What are you walking around with a fake plastic d**k for?'”

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