Tiffany Cross Claims Trump Is ‘Spitting In Our Face And Trying To Convince Us It’s Raining’

Tiffany Cross Claims Trump Is ‘Spitting In Our Face And Trying To Convince Us It’s Raining’

Tiffany Cross claimed on Thursday’s “The View” that she was tired of President Donald Trump “spitting in our face and trying to convince us it’s raining.”

Cross, a political analyst and resident fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics, joined the show to discuss comments the president made recently about race and police shootings. (RELATED: ‘Have We Made America Great Yet?’: Joy Behar Bashes Trump Over Goya Photo Op)


“Two days ago, the guy in the White House said in an interview that white people are killed by the police more than anyone else, and flying the confederate flag is freedom of speech,” Whoopi Goldberg began, shaking her head. “I’ll just turn it over to you.”

“Thank you, Whoopi. I’m so tired of this — yeah. I’m so tired of this president spitting in our face and trying to convince us it’s raining,” Cross replied. “That is clear BS, and anybody with any ounce of historical perspective would know that. When I think of the families of Tamir Rice, of Trayvon Martin, of Rayshard Brooks, of Breonna Taylor and Sandra Bland and on and on and on, and I think of the horrific brutality black people have faced at the hands of law enforcement, I wonder what would possess a president to say something like that, and it’s because he’s tossing red meat to his Klan-like base that he desperately needs to win in November.”

Cross went on to add, “So when you look at it through a historical perspective, asking the question can feel disrespectful because we know that there’s systemic racism in law enforcement. So I wouldn’t debate that issue any more than I would debate a fool on if lemons are yellow. We know the answer. The question is, what do you plan to do about it, and he has consistently answered that by saying, nothing.”

Trump alleged during an interview with CBS’ Catherine Herridge that more white people than black people were killed by police officers — and while that is technically true, the rate at which black Americans are killed by police is higher.

TRUMP, apparently seeking to minimize police killings of Black people, notes that “more white people” are killed by police.

While technically true, that’s deeply misleading.

Black people are 13.4% of the US population.

White people are 60.4%.

And yet…

— Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) July 14, 2020

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