This Cobra Kai Fan Theory Explains How Miyagi Could Save Miguel

This Cobra Kai Fan Theory Explains How Miyagi Could Save Miguel
Season 2 of Cobra Kai left fans with plenty of questions. Where will Johnny Lawrence go now that he’s relinquished his responsibility to the dojo and its students? What consequences will Tori Nicholls and the other kids face in the aftermath of that epic showdown at the high school? And just how hurt is Miguel Diaz?

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The second season ended with Miguel on life support following an all-out karate battle. The character, played by newcomer Xolo Maridueña, has been confirmed as returning for Season 3, but Cobra Kai showrunner Jon Hurwitz has stated that his recovery is not necessarily a given. “Obviously, the character’s future hangs in the balance, and we’ll see where we go with that,” he said.

According to one fan theory circulating online, the key to Miguel’s recovery may be tied to the original sensei of the Karate Kid movies, Mr. Miyagi himself. With one of Season 3’s upcoming storylines focusing on Daniel LaRusso’s journey to Okinawa, fans are expecting to learn more about the late Miyagi’s past, especially since the teaser trailer hinted that he may have been keeping a secret from Daniel.

In the Cobra Kai Theory video below, it is speculated that Miyagi’s mysterious “healing” abilities will be expanded up on in Season 3, with reference to how he was able to relieve Daniel’s shoulder and knee injuries in the first movie.

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While Miyagi himself doesn’t appear in Cobra Kai (the character was written to have died so that he wouldn’t have to be recast following the passing of actor Pat Morita), the video proposes that one of the existing characters may be able to mimic his ability to “harness the powers of the universe” and channel them into healing Miguel. Whether or not this actually comes to pass remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: fans really can’t wait for Season 3 to drop in 2021.

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