The Pathless: Where to Find More Crystals

The Pathless: Where to Find More Crystals

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Crystals are resources you can find in every map. Players can collect Crystals to get more flaps for their eagle. You can see the bar progress on the bottom of the screen when you pause the game. 

Since this is a open-world game without a map, you will need to discover these as you explore.

Use the Spirit Mask to find yellow lit areas. A yellow glow usually means that it can give you Crystals. 

Where to find Crystals:

  1. Spirit Statues: These are scattered in every area.
  2. Fire Lamps: Shoot at the lamps to ignite others. 
  3. Lanterns: These are on the ground. Find a lantern with a single diamond shape on it. In order, run to lanterns with 2, 3, 4, then 5 diamond shapes.
  4. Timed Races: Timed races are located where there is a fluttering group of golden butterflies. It activates a timed race where you have to run to each butterfly group. 
  5. Healing Animals: Animals can be found lying on the ground with an fire orb above them. Heal them to get Crystals. 
  6. Bells: Stand on the blue mark to see the order the bells ring in. Shoot the bells in the correct order. 
  7. Chests: Chests can be found near or on top of monuments. 
  8. Glowing Circle: Stand on the yellow glowing circle on the ground to spawn Crystals. 
  9. Spirit Lanterns: You can only find these with the Spirit Mask. They are lanterns that have to be lit up while wearing the Spirit Mask.  

    The Pathless Spirit Lanterns.jpg

  10. Hoops: Shooting through the hoops that are not related to lightstones can give you Crystals. 
  11. Spirit Crystals: Using your Spirit Mask, you can see Spirit Crystals that you can shoot. 
  12. Do the Monastery, Textile Workshop, and Bathhouse puzzles: Earn large Crystals from these puzzle areas.  

    The Pathless Large Crystal.jpg

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