The Mortgage Collaborative supports members through virtual educational sessions

The Mortgage Collaborative supports members through virtual educational sessions

The Mortgage Collaborative, an independent cooperative network, has supported its members through this year’s uncertain environment with its 2020 virtual educational and networking platform TMConnect.

Through TMConnect, TMC offers virtual educational and networking sessions for employees from throughout its member companies. The sessions are part of their membership and come at no additional cost.

Between March 16 and September 17, The Mortgage Collaborative held 163 sessions, attended by a total of just under 6,000 employees from its member companies – an average of about 1,000 attendees monthly.

TMC’s sessions provided guidance for its lender member companies on how to handle rapid industry change brought on by COVID-related restrictions and restructuring. As more questions arose over time, TMC organized further sessions where industry leaders could address pressing issues.

“Never before has the power of our network been more on display than it has these last six months on TMConnect,” TMC COO Rich Swerbinsky said. “Our staff collectively dropped everything they were working on in mid-March to respond to our members’ needs, and the impact of these virtual sessions has been profound.”

In addition to the success of TMConnect, TMC has seen significant membership growth throughout 2020 and surpassed its goal of exceeding 200 lender member companies in August.

“I am thrilled about our continued membership growth even during a pandemic and the tangible impact our TMC team is having on our members and preferred partners,” TMC CEO Jim Park said. “Our current members and partners have been the best lead source for new lenders member growth during this period because they see firsthand the tremendous benefit our TMC network delivers every day.”

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