The Mets-Yankees game was filled with cardboard cutouts and some Very Good Pups

The Mets-Yankees game was filled with cardboard cutouts and some Very Good Pups
Image: Al Bello / getty

By Jack Morse

It was Saturday night at the Mets’ Citi Field stadium in New York City, and the crowd was hushed. 

It wasn’t a particularly tense moment in the Mets-versus-Yankees scrimmage that had the heads dotting the stands holding their collective breath, but rather the fact that the cardboard cutouts that have replaced real attendees in the age of the coronavirus have no breath to hold. Oh yeah, and then there were the dogs. 

In an effort to prevent televised baseballs games from looking too depressing, the New York Mets announced earlier in July that (for a price) it would put pictures of fans in stadium seats. Some fans seized on the opportunity to get their favorite fur ball in on their presumably favorite pastime by paying for cardboard cutouts of their dog to be placed in the stadium stands.  

While the exact number of Very Good Pups watching the game Saturday is hard to pin sown, Getty photos and screenshots of the game on social media highlight at least two. 

Close to 5,000 people purchased cardboard cutouts of themselves for @Mets games at Citi Field this season.

One person bought a cutout for their dog and it’s pretty great.

— Avish Sood (@AvishSood) July 19, 2020

While it may not be quite the same as a real crowds, considering the continued need for social distancing in the U.S. these lovely doggos will more than do for the time being. 

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