The JR Smith and LeBron reunion on the Lakers is everything we need right now

The JR Smith and LeBron reunion on the Lakers is everything we need right now

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It’s the reunion we might have never expected to happen.

But it’s here. And it’s glorious.

Per multiple reports, JR Smith will be the player signing with the Los Angeles Lakers to replace Avery Bradley, who is among the players opting out of the NBA restart in Orlando.

That means we get to see him and LeBron James back together again after the pair won a title in Cleveland in 2016, when Smith went months without wearing a shirt.

It also means that we get to relive one of the last times the two played on the same Cavs team and this happened in Game 1 of the 2018 NBA Finals:

What I love so much is that if Smith is joining the Lakers, it’s a sign that absolutely awful screw-up didn’t destroy how James felt about playing with Smith and trusting him. I don’t know if I could do that after the gaffe, but I’m not LeBron!

From a hoops perspective, it’s smart — Bradley was shooting 36.4 percent from beyond the arc this season hitting over one trey per game. Smith is a career 37.3 percent shooter from distance, so the Lakers will get a good replacement, and again, if James trusts him, that’s a big deal.

Plus we get jokes and memes like these:

There’s a lot of bad stuff happening right now, but the fact that we’re going to watch Smith and James get together and go for another title again is just the best.

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