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The curious idea of Rihanna wearing Adidas and Prada… Do we see a collab?




Rihanna time and again proved that no matter what the event is, she makes sure to give a fashion statement and that’s one to make us rethink her choice in terms of her apparel. Yet, she doesn’t leave us stunned with just her wardrobe but also makes sure to hit the street in style in the most unique way. Not only Rihanna’s red carpet glorious looks are one to take cues from and also her casual-cool glimpses are worth taking note of!

Last night, RiRi was spotted in California having a chillax time with her dear ones at the hotel. She sported a hell of an outfit which made us go all gaga over her wonderful looks. She wore an Adidas tracksuit in all blue hue and what caught our eyes was her huge Prada white handbag that made her outwear look lavish chic and modern, we love it! Talking about donning these two prominent brand, do you think anytime soon we see a collab between these brands Addidas X Prada with Rihanna promoting them, we wonder! Well, only the singer can let us know if we see a collab with the fashion label.

At the same time, Riri has been signalling a new fashion era for herself, don’t you think so? Those truly in the know understand that the collaboration between Addidas X Prada isn’t just a collab, it’s about quiet luxury and of course, deep attention to their designs is one to look out for. Think of it: Unique, lovely and out of the box is what we would describe the label’s designs!

To be honest, we don’t know if there is going to be a collab or we simply believe that Riri has been hinting at all fashion enthusiasts….. Let’s wait and watch as time shall let us know. If you’re curious just like us drop a comment and tell us about your thoughts in the section below. Till then you check out Rihanna’s pictures right here:

Ultimately, the world is in her oyster and we marvel at what’s next on the list for the singer. What do you think about Rihanna’s Adidas outfits and Prada bag look?

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