The Biggest Hint Which Suggests Lewis Hamilton is Staying at Mercedes F1 in 2021

The Biggest Hint Which Suggests Lewis Hamilton is Staying at Mercedes F1 in 2021

The Lewis Hamilton-Mercedes contract saga continues to wage on. Both parties seemingly do not want to budge and come to a mutual consensus. However, despite the standoff, the most likely result to emerge would be Hamilton signing on the dotted line.

Both sides seem perfectly happy at the moment and there is no indication of any rift between Mercedes and the seven-time world champion. This would indicate that both sides know a positive end is in sight. Hamilton signing a new deal is more a case of ‘when’ than ‘will he?’

Hamilton, on his part, is continuing to train as hard as ever in preparation for the upcoming F1 season. The Briton took to Twitter on Tuesday to alert his fans of his altitude training regimen that he has begun.

The tweet read, “Hey World, I’m in one of my favourite places in the world, training everyday, getting my mind and body right. I’m hiking to the top of the mountain every morning. Two of those hikes I cross country ski once I get to the top which is at 3400m, killer. Proper altitude training! …”

For someone who doesn’t have a seat yet, that sure is quite an intensive training program that Hamilton is going through. This would indicate that a drive with Mercedes is very much on the books.

Possibly, he is just holding out for the Silver Arrows to negotiate and grant him some, if not all, of his contract demands.

Are there other hints that indicate Lewis Hamilton inking a new deal with Mercedes?

Formula One F1 – Turkish Grand Prix – Istanbul Park, Istanbul, Turkey – Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton celebrates on the podium with a trophy after winning the race and the world championship Pool via REUTERS/Clive Mason

A little over a week ago, Hamilton’s father said that as per him, Lewis plans to continue with Mercedes this year. He said Lewis hasn’t hinted otherwise.

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Former F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone also shares similar beliefs. According to him, the deal is already done, but both parties don’t want to reveal it for PR reasons.

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There is also the Mercedes F1 team that continues to tease fans with cryptic tweets regarding contract negotiations.

All of these point to the fact that Hamilton is likely to suit up for Mercedes in 2021. When will they finally come to a consensus on the contract and make it official? That’s what F1 fans will have to still wait for.

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