‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Reboot Features a 9-Year-Old Boy Identifying as a Girl, Played by a Transgender Child Actor

‘The Baby-Sitters Club’ Reboot Features a 9-Year-Old Boy Identifying as a Girl, Played by a Transgender Child Actor
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FILE – In this Feb. 7, 2019 file photo, Bloomfield High School transgender athlete Terry Miller, second from left, wins the final of the 55-meter dash over transgender athlete Andraya Yearwood, far left, and other runners in the Connecticut girls Class S indoor track meet at Hillhouse High School in New Haven, Conn. Three Connecticut girls who participate on high school track teams have filed a federal discrimination complaint against a statewide policy on transgender athletes, saying it has cost them top finishes in competitions and possibly college scholarships. (AP Photo/Pat Eaton-Robb, File)

Ready for Netflix’s reboot of The Baby-Sitters Club? Expect some modern twists, particularly where a 9-year-old child is concerned.

As reported by Christian Headlines, the new program — rated TV-G — will feature a young boy identifying as a young girl.

Per CH, episode four will see character Mary Anne asked to babysit Bailey, played by Kai Shappley.

Kai’s a male child actor who himself identifies as a female child actor.

“I give two thumbs up for the entire cast but especially to Kai Shappley for seamlessly transitioning from the world that I knew her from in Austin fighting the bathroom bills, to the gracious young lady she is now.”#bsc #DDOKIDS #Netflix #thatssoDDO https://t.co/OHWtbU7H9y

— Kimberly Shappley 😇 she/her (@shappleyk) July 7, 2020

On top of everything else, The Baby-Sitters Club cast a trans actress to play a trans character. Meet Kai Shappley, who plays Bailey in episode 4! pic.twitter.com/uvNIMK8dOr

— Ashley Spencer (@AshleyySpencer) July 7, 2020

From the outlet:

“In episode 4, Mary Anne – one of the five sitters – is asked by a child’s mother to keep a little girl named Bailey. Mary Anne and Bailey hold a tea party in Bailey’s room, and when Bailey spills water on her pink dress, Mary Anne opens the little girl’s closet to get a change of clothes. But she only finds boys’ clothes.”

The kid explains to Mary Anne — that’s his old clothes, from his old identity.

Mary Anne narrates:

“That’s when I understood: Bailey was a little girl, and her new clothes help people see it.”

CH notes the new show — which is available in children’s Netflix profiles — was among the streaming giant’s 10-most popular titles in last Thursday’s listings.

As pointed out by The Daily Wire, the Bailey storyline serves up a large lesson in sexuality:

Further exploring LGBT themes, Mary Anne later seeks council from her friend Dawn, whose father is gay. According to Dawn, being transgender is about as natural as being left-handed.

“It’s like this: Are you right-handed or left-handed?” Dawn asks Mary Anne.

“Right,” Mary Anne responds.

“And if someone tried to make you do everything with your left hand, it would be super-weird right?” Dawn asks before adding, “Well, that’s how Bailey feels. The same way that you know that you’re right-handed, Bailey knows she’s a girl. … We all want our outsides to match our insides.”


Enlightened by Dawn’s woke musings, Mary Anne later takes Bailey to the hospital after he falls ill and lectures the doctors about the cruelties of treating him according to his biological sex. “Bailey is not a boy, and by treating her like one, you are completely ignoring who she is,” she says.

Such clear messages are the rule of the day. Case in point: As I covered recently, July 21st will serve up Sports Illustrated’s first Swimsuit Issue spotlighting a man identifying as a woman.

The magazine hailed Valentina Sampaio — “a true pioneer for the LGBT+ community and just simply (who) embodies the well-rounded woman we are proud to have represent SI Swimsuit across our platforms.”

It’s a new world. And a new club — one full of babysitters learning that the old saying no longer applies: “Boys will be boys.”


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