The Argument for putting Mythic utility items in POI vaults

The Argument for putting Mythic utility items in POI vaults
Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 brought us the first Mythic POIs, vaults, bosses, and NPC Henchmen. This was also the first time that we saw Mythic weapons in their modern form – a rework after the old Infinity Blade debacle. The community had a mixed reaction to these new features, as is the case with anything new in Fortnite.

The new weapons were fun to use, but they were largely overpowered when compared to the rest of the loot pool. For this reason, some players would grab the Mythic weapons and run – often stealing the vault keycard as well. After about a month of playing Season 2, some players began to suggest that Epic put the Mythic weapons in the vault. That way, players would be forced to fight for the loot rather than killing an NPC boss and leaving the area.

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While a decent idea, the concept of adding mythic weapons to vaults didn’t make a ton of sense with the present state of Fortnite. The bosses in these locations wouldn’t be too dangerous if they only had a vault keycard with them. The concept was clearly side-stepping what Epic were trying to accomplish with these new POIs.

Flash-forward to Fortnite Season 3: Epic reworked the Mythic loot a bit. The new Mythic weapons were now about the same as their Legendary counterparts. The only difference between the Mythic and Legendary Burst ARs and Charge Shotguns are their clip sizes. The Drum Gun also received a substantial nerf that put it closer to the basic Drum Gun than what Midas carried in Season 2.

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To balance things out, Epic added some utility items in Season 3 to make these areas more appealing. The bottomless Chug Jug is the most powerful healing item in the game while the Shockwave Launcher and Grappler offer unparalleled mobility.

The weapons are more balanced than they were in Season 2, but the two new mobility items only added to the problem of players leaving Mythic POIs with the boss loot. There’s no reason to fight a player for the vault if you’ve already taken the best loot in the game. You can find comparable vault loot somewhere else.

Each boss spawning with two items makes the proposition of adding one to the vault a lot more realistic. Bosses need their Mythic weapons, but they don’t need to carry the utility item. The Chug Jug, Grappler, and Shockwave Launcher could all be placed into the vault – forcing players to fight one another for some of the best secondary loot in Fortnite.

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It’s unlikely that Epic will ever make this switch. Some players will continue to run from Mythic POIs after killing the boss – at least, for the rest of Season 3. Vault loot is great, but it often isn’t worth the trouble of taking on one or more teams when you already have the best mobility items in Fortnite.

We’re not sure whether or not this concept is the right move, or if Epic should be promoting these vault battles more than they currently are. We all know how quickly public lobbies die out in Fortnite, and this idea could only add to the problem. We’re, simply, making the argument for adding half of the Mythic items to the vault. It would be an interesting experiment, at least.

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