The 15 Best Pumpkin Beers on the Planet

There are a lot of reasons to love autumn: Football. Turkey. Turkey trots. Pumpkin carving. Leaf peepin’ (oh come on you know you love it). And, of course, the tremendous variety of creative pumpkin beers that start popping up in stores right about now.

It may seem odd that the pumpkin—and not any other seasonal vegetable—inspires such a widespread explosion of craft beer creations. But when you really think about it, the popularity of pumpkin beer makes sense.

“The great thing about pumpkin is it leaves a lot up to the interpretation of the brewer,” says Matt Simpson, The Beer Sommelier. “Pumpkin is not a very assertive vegetable, and so it can be as intense or unassuming as the brewer intends.”

Which means that pumpkin emboldens a beer without it overtaking the other more subtle flavors within. Brewers can also ratchet up the taste of the pumpkin by adding more of it to the brewing process, or dial it back by going easy on the gourd.

Plus, pumpkin matches especially well with a whole host of other autumnal flavors: cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and other baking spices.

That also makes pumpkin beers really easy to pair with food: pumpkin beer with pumpkin pie, pumpkin beer with grilled sausages, pumpkin beer with turkey, and so on.

So thanks, brewers, for whipping up these 15 unique, insanely delicious seasonals. Because pumpkin beers have been on the market for a while, it’s worth seeing what’s new and what’s worth revisiting.

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