Dana White won’t UFC bring fans back to a half empty arena, not even Cowboys Stadium

UFC president Dana White has achieved a lot of first during 2020. He was the first to get his fight promotion and in turn the sport back to a regular schedule. He was the first to find a way to safely put his athletes in a bubble where he could run fights in the U.S.…Continue Reading

Ticketmaster Won’t Actually Require a COVID-19 Vaccine to Get Into Concerts

Ticketmaster says it won’t require fans to prove they’ve had a vaccine or a negative COVID-19 test before attending concerts, according to the BBC. The statement from the ticket giant comes after false reports of such a mandate began circulating online.The suggestion that Ticketmaster might require such proof of fans was first reported by Billboard…Continue Reading

Microsoft Won’t Be Taking Bethesda’s Games Away From Nintendo Platforms

But wants to offer “best” experience on its own platforms by Liam Doolan 14 hours agoThere have been some concerns about the future of Bethesda games on certain other platforms since the third-party video game giant responsible for the likes of Doom and The Elder Scrolls series was acquired by Microsoft in September. Fortunately, there’s…Continue Reading

Why Canada Won’t Go Broke

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals may have won the 2015 election in part because of their willingness to run deficits, but they surely never imagined the one they’re currently carrying. According to the most recent numbers, the deficit for the 2020/21 fiscal year could reach $343 billion—a figure nearly seven times as large as the deficit Canada…Continue Reading