One Climate-Change Wildfire Risk Lurks in the Dark

As recording-breaking wildfires continue to rage across the West, firefighters are confronting a new challenge that has snuck in under cover of darkness: rising nighttime temperatures. Days and nights are both warming while heat-trapping greenhouse gases build up in the atmosphere, but scientists say nighttime increases are outpacing daytime rates. Since 2000 California’s daytime highs…Continue Reading

Snow due to hit Colorado wildfire areas

A bit of normalcy was expected to return to the mountains of Colorado after relatively warm, dry and windy conditions on Saturday continued to fuel the two largest wildfires in state history.Snow was expected overnight, transforming the atmosphere from red-flag fire weather to winter in a matter of hours, forecasters said.”We’re going from critical fire…Continue Reading

Wildfire Smoke Tied to Diverse Health Problems

Since mid-August, wildfires have spewed smoke into California, Oregon, and Washington. In one month, fires in California alone have scorched 3.1 million acres — an area larger than the state of Connecticut. The smoke is now spreading across the United States and intermittently making the air unhealthy for much of the western US, according to…Continue Reading

The largest wildfire in California history grew even bigger as it merged with another to create a 746,607 behemoth that is raging through two national forests, authorities said Friday.The August Complex Fire at 472,185 acres merged this week with the Elkhorn Fire, which has burned more than 255,000-acres, said officials with the U.S. Forest Service.…Continue Reading