More Mask Wearing Could Save 130,000 US Lives by End of February

A cumulative 511,000 lives could be lost from COVID-19 in the United States by the end of February 2021, a new prediction study reveals. However, if universal mask wearing is adopted — defined as 95% of Americans complying with the protective measure — along with social distancing mandates as warranted, nearly 130,000 of those lives…Continue Reading

Does Wearing Two Masks at the Same Time Provide More Protection From Coronavirus

Former vice president and current presidential candidate Joe Biden was spotted wearing not one but two masks a few times during the presidential campaign. So just how necessary is it to wear two masks? And does doubling up actually offer any extra protection against COVID-19?Biden also specifically mentioned wearing two masks during his town hall…Continue Reading

People wearing headphones in movies, but they’re listening to podcasts

Filmmaker and radio/podcast guy Andrew Norton edited scenes of people wearing headphones in movies but replaced the music with podcasts. They’re all pretty good, but the Baby Driver (Serial Podcast) mashup is clearly the best. Personally, I can’t wait for the inevitable future where music no longer exists and only podcasts remain. Nothing says tension…Continue Reading

Student wearing ‘Black Lives Matter’ mask at graduation told to remove it

A Black student in Pennsylvania was starting his graduation procession when he was told to remove his face mask displaying the words “Black Lives Matter.”The student, Dean Holmes, 18, was allowed to continue in York Catholic High School’s procession last week after complying.But his father contends in a lengthy Facebook post that the demand to…Continue Reading

US divided over mask wearing and schools reopening as pandemic rages

Amid the patchwork of policies, the United States reported a daily global record of more than 77,000 new infections on Thursday TopicsCoronavirus | Coronavirus Vaccine | Lockdown Reuters  Last Updated at July 18, 2020 01:32 IST Divided Americans dug further into debates over mask mandates and schools reopening on Friday, with states and localities choosing conflicting strategies in the…Continue Reading