Couple planning to buy perfect house decide against it after seeing the stairs

A couple decided to not put in an offer on a house they were considering buying, after taking a look at the stairs – which were rather unusually fashioned. Tiny apartments, windowless rooms, listings that turn out to look very different in real life – the househunting struggle is real.Continue Reading

Here’s Why Viral Vector Vaccines Don’t Alter DNA

Adenoviral vector vaccines have been in development for decades, but very few have been approved for use in humans. What does the history of adenoviral vector vaccine development tell us about their safety and their potential to alter DNA? How Do Adenoviral Vector Vaccines Work? Essentially, these types of vaccines act like delivery shuttles. They…Continue Reading

Viral video shows OU football star beaten up by MMA-trained man, police investigating

A college football star is reportedly recovering after nearly losing his eye in a fight with an MMA-trained man earlier this month in Norman, Okla. Police are investigating after Oklahoma Sooners wide receiver Spencer Jones was viciously beaten in a video that quickly went viral after it was posted this past Friday. Jones and another…Continue Reading

Want Your Ad to Go Viral? Activate These Emotions.

Every year, while two football teams face off in the sport’s top contest, marketers compete to win a Super Bowl of their own — investing millions into ads that will air on one of television’s biggest nights. But what does it take to craft an advertisement that’s so engaging that viewers will choose to share…Continue Reading

Viral vaccines preserved without refrigeration

Ever receive a vaccination that seemed to burn a lot while it was injected? The vaccine solution likely contained a lot of salt or sugar — natural preservatives that help keep it stable, in addition to the cold temperature at which it was kept. The viruses in vaccines, which train our cells to identify and…Continue Reading

Nurse Goes Viral Claiming Dying Patients Deny COVID Reality. Her Colleagues Aren’t So Sure

An emergency room door in Aberdeen, South Dakota, October 26, 2020. (Bing Guan/Reuters) A South Dakota nurse gained national attention this week for a tweet claiming that some of her dying coronavirus patients refuse to admit the virus is real. Jodi Doering, a traveling nurse who lives in a small eastern South Dakota town, had…Continue Reading

Viral Video Royal Zach King Scores Suburban Hobby Farm

In case anyone has somehow missed it, social media personalities are the 21st century’s A-list film actors and rock stars whose vast and dedicated global fan bases allow them to fill their coffers with mountainous piles of money they often use — just like profligate rock stars and successful actors — to buy up multi-million…Continue Reading

Sugar-coated viral proteins hijack and hitch a ride out of cells

Researchers from the Universities of Melbourne, York, Warwick and Oxford have shed light on how encapsulated viruses like hepatitis B, dengue and SARS-CoV-2 hijack the protein manufacturing and distribution pathways in the cell — they have also identified a potential broad spectrum anti-viral drug target to stop them in their tracks. The findings have been…Continue Reading

FACT CHECK: Viral Image Claims To Show Joe Biden With Burisma’s CEO

An image shared on Facebook over 1,800 times allegedly shows Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden golfing with his son, Hunter Biden, and Ukrainian energy company Burisma’s CEO. Verdict: False The image depicts Joe Biden with Hunter Biden, one of Burisma’s board members and another man that works in finance. Burisma’s CEO is not pictured. Fact…Continue Reading