Cardi B defends Kanye West’s new album. Kylie Jenner is slammed for dressing Stormi up as herself. Plus – Ky shares the cutest video of her baby girl you have to see. #CardiB #JesusIsKing #KylieJenner Stormi Webster, 1, is the QUEEN of Instagram! The adorable toddler just debuted her firstContinue Reading

Video calls are making drivers zone out behind the wheel, auto safety experts warn

As millions of Americans spend hours at a time in videoconferences — and then hop in their car — many are struggling to maintain their concentration, making experts fear this zoning out due to cognitive overload could be contributing to a surge in roadway deaths.“After you get into your car, you may be operating on…Continue Reading

Our Redmi 9T video review is up

The Redmi 9T is the latest addition in the line of budget-friendly devices from Xiaomi. Now that our written review out the way we bring your attention to the video breakdown to find out if its worth considering. Right off the bat, the 9T is nearly identical to another recent budget offering – the Poco…Continue Reading

Video: Bent-over row with resistance tubing

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: The bent-over row is an exercise you can do with resistance tubing to work the muscles in the back of the shoulder. Specifically, the bent-over row targets the posterior part of the deltoid in the shoulder. That’s important, because many people focus on the muscles at the front of the shoulder.…Continue Reading

Video: How to choose resistance tubing

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: Resistance tubing is a lightweight, portable, inexpensive strength training tool. The tubing provides resistance when stretched. You can choose from many types of resistance tubes in nearly any sporting goods store. In general, the lighter the color of the tubing, the lighter the resistance. Likewise, the darker the tubing, or the…Continue Reading

Video: Seated row with resistance tubing

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: The seated row is an exercise you can do with resistance tubing to work the muscles in your upper back. Specifically, the seated row targets the muscles in your upper back and also the latissimus dorsi — a muscle on the outer side of the rib cage. This exercise will help…Continue Reading

Video: Notre Dame Beats Wake Forest on Buzzer-Beater in ACC Tournament 1st Round

Gerry Broome/Associated PressThe Notre Dame Fighting Irish are moving on in the ACC tournament thanks to an epic buzzer-beater from junior guard Trey Wertz from near half court to take down Wake Forest, 80-77, on Tuesday.ACC Network @accnetworkNOTRE DAME WINS IT AT THE BUZZER 🚨 @ndmbb | #ACCTourney Fighting Irish entered as the No.…Continue Reading

Video: Rory McIlroy Discusses Golfers Wearing Red for Tiger Woods Tribute

Phelan M. Ebenhack/Associated PressRory McIlroy appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and discussed a number of topics, including honoring Tiger Woods during the final round of the WGC-Workday Championship on Feb. 28.The Tonight Show @FallonTonight“Everyone coming out in red and black on Sunday a couple weeks ago was just a very small way…Continue Reading