Latest News Turning the unknown into common knowledge in the race to limit antimicrobial resistance

Vanessa Carter nearly lost her face to antibiotic resistance. She likely acquired a bacterial infection while in hospital during one of many complicated facial surgeries. None of the many doctors she had in the first six years of those surgeries ever mentioned antibiotic resistance to her. Because she was oblivious to the dangers of stopping…Continue Reading

‘Turning the desert green’: Abu Dhabi backs food-tech innovation across land, sea and space

The Abu Dhabi Investment Office, the government body responsible for attracting and facilitating investment in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, is partnering with three innovative food-tech companies – Pure Harvest Smart Farms, FreshToHome and Nanoracks – through its AgTech Incentive Programme in deals that will see the groups receive financial and non-financial incentives totalling US$41m.The…Continue Reading

This breakthrough could be a huge turning point for the coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus tests with nasal swabs are accurate but results don’t often come in for 3-7 days. Researchers from the University of Teheran have discovered a way to return coronavirus test results in 30 seconds. The method already has a temporary certificate from the FDA and works by examining an individual’s phlegm for signs of the…Continue Reading

The internet is turning ‘Fall Guys’ into the game of the summer

The memes are as good as “Fall Guys” itself. Image: devolver digital By Jess Joho2020-08-23 20:39:34 UTC Fall Guys isn’t just the irresistibly fun and accesible, multiplayer game that seemingly everyone is playing. It’s also the source of some of the best memes of the summer, adding much-needed joy to our timelines since it released…Continue Reading

Big businesses may be turning over a new (green) leaf

Hey there, Imagine a leading oil company cutting fossil-fuel production by 40 percent. Or a tech giant wiping out all the carbon it’s ever emitted. Or a wildly popular, multi-gazillion-dollar electronics maker switching to low-carbon materials. These kinds of shifts could have a major impact on our climate crisis, right? Too bad they’re so far-fetched.…Continue Reading

Netflix Is Turning Usagi Yojimbo Into an Animated Series

Stan Sakai’s legendary rabbit ronin is finally getting an animated series of his own after decades and decades of comic book adventures across Edo Japan. But the new series seems like it’ll contain a few interesting twists. Deadline reports that Sakai will produce the CG animated series with Gaumont, Dark Horse Entertainment, and James Wan’s Atomic Monster (Wan will be…Continue Reading