The FBI is tracing a digital trail to Capitol rioters

Capitol rioters, eager to share proof of their efforts with other extremists online, have so far left a digital footprint of at least 140,000 images that is making it easier for federal law enforcement officials to capture and arrest them. The big picture: Law enforcement’s use of digital tracing isn’t new, and has long been…Continue Reading

New Contact Tracing Apps Stir Hope for Virus Fighters in US States

OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) – A new wave of mobile apps that help track exposure to the coronavirus is coming to U.S. states ahead of the holidays as public health officials bet that recently introduced features from Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google will significantly boost adoption and impact. Colorado, Maryland and District of Columbia launched…Continue Reading

Latest News Contact Tracing: A Key Way to Stagnate COVID-19

Contact tracing is looked upon as the bridge between lockdown and the COVID-19 vaccine, allowing the Namibian government to identify clusters of infections and, to stop people from passing on the virus. Without an effective system, health researchers have warned that public places, such as recreation zones, are not able to safely reopen and continue…Continue Reading

A flaw in contact tracing has emerged – people aren’t answering the phone

Coronavirus contact tracing isn’t going as well as it should, at a time when the number of cases is surging to a frightening degree in many places around the country. That’s according to White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci, who offered at least one reason Friday for the current shortcomings related to coronavirus contact…Continue Reading