Making Telehealth Visits Better for Nurses and Doctors

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth visits conducted via video calls are becoming more common than ever, and more insurance companies are covering them. The annual physical you once had in a doctor’s office may now be taking place over your webcam instead. You may be wondering how you can make the most of your…Continue Reading

The Pitfalls of Telehealth — and How to Avoid Them

Telehealth is a boon but as use has ramped up with the Covid-19 pandemic its downsides are becoming clearer. Unless providers are careful, it can exacerbate disparities in access and increase clinicians’ workloads. Taking a lesson from the adoption of electronic health records, the authors recommend four ways to prevent telehealth’s unintended consequences from undermining…Continue Reading

Telehealth Is Working for Patients. But What About Doctors?

HBR Staff/Klaus Vedfelt/Faiz Naquiddin Abd Lataf/Getty Images It has become almost cliché by now to note how Covid-19 has accelerated digital transformation in healthcare, with the number of Americans trying virtual care roughly doubling since the start of the pandemic. Although the pendulum has swung back in recent months – with in-person outpatient visits returning…Continue Reading

Telehealth reimbursement may be changing. How should providers prepare?

The future potential of telehealth hinges on how it’s reimbursed. Virtual care may be popular among patients, but if providers can’t get paid for their services, it’s unlikely they’ll be able to continue to provide them. The government has signaled its support for reimbursing some telehealth services, at least in the short term. The Centers…Continue Reading

CMS reports 34.5M telehealth services delivered March through June

Data released this past week from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services show that more than 34.5 million services were delivered via telehealth in Medicare and in the Children’s Health Insurance Program from March through June. Although the agency notes there is always a “claims lag” between the time a service occurs and when…Continue Reading

Making the Most of Telehealth; Promoting Health Equity

Welcome to this week’s edition of Healthcare Career Insights. This weekly roundup highlights healthcare career-related articles culled from across the Web to help you learn what’s next.Telehealth is “forever changing the healthcare landscape,” writes Samant Virk, MD, who shares insights about what physicians should be getting from a telehealth platform — Telehealth solutions: Top questions…Continue Reading

Telehealth is an important tool for rural hospitals in treating COVID-19, research shows

Rural hospitals are more likely than urban facilities to have access to telehealth, a once-underused service that now is playing a key role in treating COVID-19 patients, according to research by two health administration professors in Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. Drs. Neeraj Puro and Scott Feyereisen say the research can help U.S. hospitals…Continue Reading