These Are the Best Ways to Teach Kids about Money

Money can be a confusing and unapproachable topic for adults, let alone for kids. The key is to teach children about money early so that they can develop a healthy relationship with it. Here are the best ways to give children a glimpse into the ins and outs of managing finances. Allowance  Roughly two-thirds of American parents…Continue Reading

Shoring up the grid: What El Paso can teach the rest of Texas

After a 1989 cold snap, the Public Utility Commission of Texas called for better winterization of electricity generators. Yet “many of the generators that experienced outages in 1989 failed again in 2011,” noted a federal report nearly a decade ago. The same problem has essentially struck again this week.Millions of Texans endured days without power…Continue Reading


Most of us are living through a year that is unprecedented in our lifetimes. Too young to remember the Spanish flu, we’ve grown up in a world where we take Western wonder drugs and life-saving vaccines for granted. We have no memory of a time when disease brought the worldContinue Reading

Fitness YouTuber Laurie Shaw is always looking to push the limits when it comes to his fitness. He’s constantly challenging himself to try different feats of physicality, whether it’s 30 days in a row of intense CrossFit workout sessions, taking on actor Mark Wahlberg’s notoriously rigid diet and workout schedule, or running a mile every…Continue Reading