Taste and luxury ‘key’ to promoting insect-based foods, research finds

The research, published in Frontiers in Nutrition, concluded that marketing strategies built around taste could prove the most effective way of promoting insect-based foods. Concentrate on promoting insects as ‘tasty’, ‘luxurious’, or an ‘exotic delicacy’ in order to change attitudes to foods that contain insect-derived protein, the researchers suggest.The buzz on bugsThere are compelling reasons…Continue Reading

‘The sweet taste of hypocrisy’: Turns out Gavin Newsom isn’t the ONLY Covid shutdown proponent in California with a French Laundry problem

Watching some politicians get busted violating (or getting caught trying to violate, but then reversing course) their own Covid-19 related restrictions doesn’t seem to be as much about hypocrisy as that they just don’t seem to believe the warnings they breathlessly provide to the public. It’s not that much different from high-profile climate change alarmists…Continue Reading

Aucklanders to get a taste of Taranaki at upcoming food show

ANDY JACKSON/StuffVenture Taranaki is having a presence at the Auckland Food Show showcasing some of Taranaki’s food and beverage producers. Venture Taranaki’s Anne Probert (General Manager, Strategy & Sectors) and chief executive Justine Gilliland have organised the stand for the 19 to 22 November event.More than 30,000 people will get to taste some of Taranaki’s…Continue Reading

How mosquitoes got their taste for human blood and what it means for the future

Of about 3,500 mosquito species around the world, only a few have taken to specifically targeting people for biting, making them important spreaders of infectious diseases. To predict and help control the spread of those mosquito-borne illnesses, it’s important to know where and why, evolutionarily speaking, certain mosquitoes got their taste for biting humans in…Continue Reading

Octopuses taste their food when they touch it with their arms

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre The California two-spot octopusMinden Pictures/AlamyOctopuses can taste their prey before eating it by using their arms to “lick” it, which researchers say adds to evidence that the cephalopods’ eight appendages are analogous to tongues with “hands” and “brains”. Octopus arms are lined with suckers that include cells for neural processing of touch…Continue Reading

Your Taste In Food Will Determine Your Inner Superpower

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