The next big market for sustainable food

On Mar. 24, when Indian prime minister Narendra Modi announced a nationwide lockdown, Mansi Arora was more excited than worried.The 32-year-old resident of north Delhi thought this would be a good time to stay indoors, read a book, and order her favorite food to go with movies she had lined up. But stress kicked in…Continue Reading

Creation of sustainable food systems eyed at Davao agri expo

The government, in partnership with the private sector and industry stakeholders, aims to establish sustainable food systems in Mindanao as one of its priorities to further develop the region’s export-oriented agricultural productivity and help the sector become globally competitive. During the launch of the 22nd Davao Agri Trade Expo on Friday, John Carlo Tria, president…Continue Reading

Sustainable nylon production made possible by bacteria discovery

Nylon manufacture could be revolutionised by the discovery that bacteria can make a key chemical involved in the process, without emitting harmful greenhouse gases. Scientists have developed a sustainable method of making one of the most valuable industrial chemicals in the world — known as adipic acid — which is a key component of the…Continue Reading

Shopping·Updated 1 minute ago. Posted 1 hour agoThe humble roll of TP has come so far in 2020. In the midst of the pandemic, toilet paper has become a much sought-after commodity — which has led to widespread panic in the USA, Australia, and all around the world. Joe Raedle / Getty Images But now,…Continue Reading

Strategy for sustainable aquaculture, the world’s fastest growing food sector

As the population grows, and the global standard of living improves, humanity’s appetite for seafood is increasing. In 2020 seafood consumption reached an all-time high, with an average of 20kg consumed annually by every person on the planet. Up to now most of this was caught in the world’s freshwaters and oceans. But things are…Continue Reading

20+ apps and websites to help you live a more sustainable life

Living greener, one app at a time. Image: Getty Images By Sasha Lekach2020-07-18 21:00:00 UTC Moving forward requires focus. Mashable’s Social Good Series is dedicated to exploring pathways to a greater good, spotlighting issues that are essential to making the world a better place. So you want to live a cleaner, greener, more sustainable life? …Continue Reading