‘Supernatural’ Refresher: Everything You Need to Remember Before Season 15 Returns

When we last saw “Supernatural,” it was March 23, quarantine had just barely begun and, like alt-world Sam and Dean when they were pulled from the rift, we had no idea what we were about to experience. The first of the final seven episodes of the series premieres tonight on The CW, and we’ve got…Continue Reading

Necrobarista is a supernatural visual novel set in a cafe for the dead, and it’s today’s Apple Arcade release

Developer Route 59 Games’ much-hyped Necrobarista is today’s surprise Apple Arcade release. For those not in the know, this one’s a supernatural visual novel set in a Melbourne cafe where the dead are allowed one final night amongst the living. The general idea is that you’ll mingle with the cafe’s dwellers, gradually uncovering secrets and…Continue Reading