‘The Real Right Stuff’ film trades actors for archival footage as series companion

Home News Entertainment About halfway through “The Real Right Stuff,” the new National Geographic documentary now on Disney Plus soars past the stories told by the eight-episode series for which it serves as a companion.”The Real Right Stuff,” directed and produced by filmmaker Tom Jennings, offers archival footage and an original orchestral score in place…Continue Reading

‘The Right Stuff’ recap: Hey, let’s get up there (‘Flight’)

Home News Entertainment The first season of “The Right Stuff” comes to an end with the flight of the first American into space.But “Flight,” the title of the eighth and final episode of the National Geographic series’ inaugural run, now on Disney+, seemingly refers to more than just the Mercury astronaut’s mission. It may also…Continue Reading

Cool stuff: MacBook Air and Pro teardowns show thermal changes and missing T2 chip

The first teardowns of the MacBook Pro and Air reveal few surprises. iFixit got its hands on the inaugural Apple Silicon machines and tenderly disassembled them, with the results largely affirming what we learned during this month’s keynote. The most interesting findings pertain to the cooling apparatus on both machines. The MacBook Air is bestowed…Continue Reading

‘The Right Stuff’ recap: We are all asleep down here (‘Vostok’)

Home News Entertainment As the race to launch the first astronaut into space heats up, NASA faces more challenges — and delays — in the sixth episode of National Geographic’s “The Right Stuff.”In “Vostok,” now streaming on Disney Plus, the Mercury astronauts face bureaucratic scrutiny, technical setbacks and their own personal demons, which all threaten…Continue Reading

‘The Right Stuff’ recap: We’ve got a lot of catching up to do (‘Advent’)

Home News Entertainment The moon comes into focus in the fourth episode of National Geographic’s “The Right Stuff.”Now on Disney Plus, the docudrama series based on Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book by the same title follows NASA and its original Mercury 7 astronauts as they race against the Soviets to put the first humans into space.Related:…Continue Reading

‘The Right Stuff’ recap: This is not a game (‘Single Combat Warrior’)

Home News Entertainment In his 1979 bestselling book “The Right Stuff,” journalist Tom Wolfe wrote about the Mercury 7 astronauts as being the last of the single-combat warriors.”The men chosen for this historic mission took on the archaic mantles of the single-combat warriors of a long-since-forgotten time. They would not be going into space to…Continue Reading

‘The Right Stuff’ cast debuts first clip from NatGeo and Disney Plus space series

Home News Entertainment A missing piece of mail almost derails Alan Shepard’s future in a first-look scene from the pilot episode of “The Right Stuff.”Released on Saturday (July 25) as part of a San Diego Comic-Con@Home virtual panel with the cast and crew of the upcoming National Geographic scripted series, the clip was set up…Continue Reading