What Did the Stone Age Sound Like?

On South Africa’s southern coast, above the mouth of the Matjes River, a natural rock shelter nestles under a cliff face. The cave is only about 3 meters deep, and humans have used it for more than 10,000 years.The place has a unique soundscape: The ocean’s shushing voice winds up a narrow gap in the…Continue Reading

Oliver Stone Claims He Took Unapproved Russian Vaccine Candidate

Hollywood director Oliver Stone claimed in an interview published Tuesday that he recently took Sputnik V, a Russian vaccine candidate President Vladimir Putin overrode medical protocol to approve in August. Stone said in an interview with The Associated Press he was “hopeful” it will work after hearing “good things” about its efficacy. Sputnik V is reportedly…Continue Reading

Emma Stone and Dave McCary photographed in LA wearing rings leading people to think they are married

Posted by Lainey on “/Date(1600889943920)/” There are some celebrities who’ve been just as visible during the pandemic as they were before the pandemic. Emma Stone is a celebrity who is visible when she needs to be, when she’s promoting a project, but when she isn’t on a press tour, she goes undercover. And she’s been…Continue Reading

Roger Stone speaks in Fox News interview after Trump commutation

Donald Trump’s longtime confidant Roger Stone gushed over his political allies during an interview on Fox News on Monday, his first major television appearance since the president commuted Stone’s prison sentence on Friday. Stone had been convicted of seven felony counts – including obstruction of justice, lying to Congress and witness tampering in the congressional…Continue Reading

Roger Stone: President Trump saved my life

Roger Stone says President Donald Trump saved his life by commuting his prison sentence Friday night.”The president has saved my life,” Stone said, “And he’s given me the opportunity to fight for vindication.”He previously had said that any period in a federal prison would amount to a death sentence, given the coronavirus pandemic and his…Continue Reading

Dems say with Roger Stone commutation, Trump acted ‘like a Mafia boss’

Like many of the actions President Donald Trump has taken since entering the White House, his decision Friday night to commute the sentence of former campaign aide Roger Stone was immediately polarizing.Republicans and Democrats were quick to react, some congratulated Stone and Trump, while others decried political favoritism and a disregard for the rule of…Continue Reading

Mysterious Stone Age flint artefacts may be crude sculptures of humans

By Michael Marshall The potential flint figurinesKharaysin archaeological teamMore than 100 distinctive flint artefacts from a Stone Age village in Jordan may be figurines of people used in funeral rituals, according to a team of archaeologists. However, other researchers aren’t convinced that the objects represent people at all. Since 2014, Juan José Ibáñez at the…Continue Reading