Review Shows That Pharma Payments Do Influence Prescribing

Financial payments from the pharmaceutical industry to US physicians were associated with increased prescribing of the paying manufacturer’s drug, concludes a review of 36 recent studies. It also found evidence of “a temporal association and dose-response [that] suggest a causal relationship.” The review was published November 24 in the Annals of Internal Medicine. “The large…Continue Reading

One chart shows the best and worst face masks for coronavirus protection — and which situations they’re suited for

The ideal face mask for coronavirus protection blocks large droplets along with smaller airborne particles. In general, masks should have more than one layer and be made of tightly woven fabrics. Based on several studies evaluating masks’ protection levels, we’ve ranked the most common types from best (an N95 mask) to worst (masks with a…Continue Reading

COVID-19 shows a bright future for vaccines

Promising results from COVID-19 vaccine trials offer hope not just that the pandemic could be ended sooner than expected, but that medicine itself may have a powerful new weapon.Why it matters: Vaccines are, in the words of one expert, “the single most life-saving innovation ever,” but progress had slowed in recent years. New gene-based technology…Continue Reading

Video shows White House reporters shouting Mike Pence out of the press briefing room as he left a COVID-19 news conference without taking questions

Reporters shouted Vice President Mike Pence out of the press briefing room after he didn’t take questions following the first COVID-19 task force briefing in months.  Members of the task force addressed the surging number of COVID-19 cases across the country.  President Donald Trump was not present at the meeting and has been relatively silent…Continue Reading

Halo TV show’s Cortana will now be played by the same actor from the games

Home News (Image credit: Microsoft) Cortana’s actor for the Halo TV series was recast due to scheduling conflicts, and it has the best possible replacement lined up: Cortana’s actor from the video games.The role of Cortana will now be played by Jen Taylor, the actor who brought Cortana’s voice to life throughout the Halo series…Continue Reading

Epic loser: New data shows Biden smashing 80-year record in victory over Trump | MSNBC

Joe Biden’s total vote lead is growing and is now larger than Donald Trump’s narrow Electoral College victory from 2016, which Republicans hailed as a “mandate.” MSNBC’s Ari Melber outlines the historic nature of Biden’s win and makes it clear Biden won decisively with one of the largest margins in many decades.Nov. 12, 2020Continue Reading

Lung ultrasound shows duration, severity of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

According to an open-access article published in ARRS’ American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), lung ultrasound (US) was highly sensitive for detecting abnormalities in patients with coronavirus disease (COVID-19), with B-lines, a thickened pleural line, and pulmonary consolidation the most commonly observed features. “In addition,” concluded Yao Zhang of at China’s Beijing Ditan Hospital, “our results…Continue Reading