Re-Open Cal Now, Day 2: Sheriffs John D’Agostini and Scott Jones—Constitutionality of the Lockdown Orders and the Rule of Law

The necessary element of a “Police State” is cooperation from law enforcement to do just that: “enforce” the orders given, no matter how burdensome, unreasonable, and more importantly, unconstitutional. Thankfully, there are Sheriffs in certain California Counties who take seriously their oath to the Constitution, the rule of law, and their commitment to serve the…Continue Reading

LA Sheriffs May See Real Justice After Inadequate ‘Kobe Bryant Law’

This is an opinion. Kobe Bryant deserved better than this. | Source: Fernando Garcia Esteban/Shutterstock California Governor Gavin Newsom passed the Kobe Byrant Law in September after it was revealed that LA County Sheriffs spread photos of Kobe Bryant’s dead body. The law made it a misdemeanor for first responders to take unauthorized photos of…Continue Reading

sheriffs office employee among 3 men accused of vandalizing black lives matter sign

A sheriff’s office employee and an investigative assistant with the district attorney’s office in Ventura County, California, were among three men who have been arrested after they were caught on video damaging a roadside Black Lives Matter sign on private property, authorities said.The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office identified the men as Darrin Stone, Craig Anderson…Continue Reading