Rural lobby group wants cheques until broadband rollout completed

Navigation for News Categories Some rural communities fear the phasing out of cheques this year is coming too fast, too soon. BNZ, ANZ and Westpac are curtailing the use of cheques in a few months. Photo: 123RF They say reliable internet must come first before they rip up their chequebooks. Sharron-Davie Martin, who lives on…Continue Reading

Rural hospitals are under siege from COVID-19. Here’s what doctors are facing, in their own words.

Home News Small rural hospitals across the country are struggling to find enough space, staff and supplies. (Image: © Visoot Uthairam via Getty Images) It’s difficult to put into words how hard COVID-19 is hitting rural America’s hospitals. North Dakota has so many cases, it’s allowing asymptomatic COVID-19-positive nurses to continue caring for patients to keep the…Continue Reading

In Rural Colombia, Narcotics Gangs Step Into Power Vacuum

MUNCHIQUE, Colombia—The gunmen burst in without warning, tossing grenades and letting loose a burst of fire and that killed six young men in an abandoned house that served as a cockfighting ring.Days after the late September attack, townspeople in this remote hamlet stricken by rising violence marched along a rutted road past the house where…Continue Reading