Marty the robot: Non-essential worker

Marty the robot: Non-essential worker The pandemic has pitted Stop & Shop employees against a 140-pound hunk of plastic and metal with googly eyes by Nicole Gallucci Grocery shopping in 2020 is an emotional roller coaster. After strapping on your mask and thoroughly sanitizing your cart, you plot out theContinue Reading

If a Robot Is Conscious, Is It OK to Turn It Off? The Moral Implications of Building True AIs

In the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode “The Measure of a Man,” Data, an android crew member of the Enterprise, is to be dismantled for research purposes unless Captain Picard can argue that Data deserves the same rights as a human being. Naturally the question arises: What is the basis upon which something has rights? What gives an…Continue Reading

Robot judges that determine guilt or innocence to be commonplace…

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How To Turn Your Smartphone Into A Robot

they have published their plans along with the software that makes it all possible so that anybody can build smart, capable robots for around $50 (provided they have a smartphone). The approach is straightforward. The researchers begin with a design for a four-wheeled robot powered by batteries. The chassis is simple, consisting of a bottom…Continue Reading

Resourceful robot can wheel up trees to cut down coconuts

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