How to Do Leg Raises the Right Way

The leg raise is a fantastic core exercise that every lifter should keep in their ab exercise library. Leg raises can be easily scaled and performed virtually anywhere with no equipment needed. Given it’s position, the move can be a great core progression for other exercises like dead bugs and more advanced maneuvers like dragon…Continue Reading

Ah, right on time: Hacker-slammed SolarWinds sued by angry shareholders

SolarWinds – the network monitoring biz thoroughly hacked as part of a wider espionage operation – has been sued by its shareholders who claim bosses failed to tell them about its numerous security woes. Last month, it emerged the update server used by SolarWinds to distribute its Orion software had been subverted by miscreants to…Continue Reading

Watch ‘The Real Right Stuff’ launch into the virtual orchestra frontier for an epic soundtrack (exclusive)

Home News Entertainment Knowing how to work in isolation isn’t just a good skill for astronauts — it’s also vital to create an epic space-themed soundtrack in a pandemic.A new video from the National Geographic Channel, provided exclusively to, shows musicians virtually coming together in their bedrooms, on couches and in tiny recording studios…Continue Reading

‘The Real Right Stuff’ film trades actors for archival footage as series companion

Home News Entertainment About halfway through “The Real Right Stuff,” the new National Geographic documentary now on Disney Plus soars past the stories told by the eight-episode series for which it serves as a companion.”The Real Right Stuff,” directed and produced by filmmaker Tom Jennings, offers archival footage and an original orchestral score in place…Continue Reading

‘The Right Stuff’ recap: Hey, let’s get up there (‘Flight’)

Home News Entertainment The first season of “The Right Stuff” comes to an end with the flight of the first American into space.But “Flight,” the title of the eighth and final episode of the National Geographic series’ inaugural run, now on Disney+, seemingly refers to more than just the Mercury astronaut’s mission. It may also…Continue Reading