Refracted reality

SummaryThe media writ large, and social media in particular, have a lot to answer for with regard to the polarization currently plaguing society. But the influence of so-called “echo chambers” on ideology is much more complicated than it first appears. In Breaking the Social Media Prism, computational social scientist Chris Bail has done the hard…Continue Reading

Virtual reality and creativity help the crew escape their Martian confinement — Commander’s Report: Sol 5

Home News Spaceflight The Valoria 1 crew exercising together as part of daily activities during the Martian mission with Nike sports equipment. (Image: © Hillary Coe) Dr. Michaela Musilova is the director of Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS) program, which conducts analog missions to the moon and Mars for scientific research at a…Continue Reading

Virtual reality and simulation see an uptick during the pandemic

Virtual reality and simulation have the potential to transform the way people work by enabling remote collaboration in ways never before possible. That was the sentiment experts expressed in a discussion on enterprise and “the metaverse” at GamesBeat’s Driving Game Growth & Into the Metaverse conference, which seeks to explore how virtual environments might impact…Continue Reading

The Dark Reality of Betting Against QAnon

QAnon—the conspiracy theory that elite Democrats, government officials, and celebrities are part of a cannibalistic, child-sex-trafficking cult, and Donald Trump is the hero destined to stop them—has allegedly inspired kidnappings, car chases, and a murder. It has also made 28-year-old Patrick Cage a lot of money.In 2018, Cage, a Californian who works in international environmental…Continue Reading

Which MTV Reality Show Would You Be Cast On?

Do you think you have what it takes to be a reality TV star? MTV has produced some of the most iconic reality shows for nearly three decades! The question is, which of these memorable series is the best fit for you? STREAM: Your Favorite Reality Shows On CBS All Access Do you have the…Continue Reading

Virtual Reality Augmenting Therapy in Gastroenterology and Beyond

In gastroenterology and beyond, virtual reality (VR) is beginning to augment traditional therapies, including those intended to alleviate pain and anxiety. Brennan Spiegel Brennan Spiegel, MD, director of Health Services Research at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, told Medscape Medical News, “There are now over 200 hospitals around the US using VR in some…Continue Reading

Virtual reality, augmented reality tools bringing true effects of racism to users

New virtual and “augmented” reality technology is allowing users to experience 1960s civil rights marches, the agony of segregation for Black Americans, or life in a Japanese American internment camp.Why it matters: For now, this is largely a tool for educators seeking new ways to teach young Americans about the legacy of slavery and racism.…Continue Reading

Capturing Reality and Creating Realities: FXG Founder Nikk Mitchell’s VR Journey in China

Nikk Mitchell is a Kenyan born Canadian who has lived in China for over a decade. Nikk originally built a name for himself in the Virtual Reality (VR) industry by launching the first VR community website in China,, which was eventually purchased by Facebook in 2014. In 2017, Nikk founded FXG, a technology company…Continue Reading