Random: The Switch Subreddit Is Having A Bit Of A Meltdown

Mods are charging members rent by Kate Gray 4 hours ago Reddit is strange place at the best of times, but it seems like it’s particularly weird today. According to Twitter user @beackupburner, one of the Switch subreddits has new moderation, and they’re cracking the whip. The Switch subreddit has always been a bit of…Continue Reading

Random: Doomguy And Animal Crossing’s Isabelle See In The New Year Together On Twitter

“happy new horizons” by Liam Doolan 10 hours ago Perhaps the most unlikely duo in 2020 was Doomguy and Isabelle. It all started when DOOM Eternal got delayed until 20th March, knocking the release date back to the same day as Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The internet thought it was a match made in…Continue Reading

Random: Disgruntled Fans Spam Nintendo Tweet In Response To YouTube Soundtrack Takedowns

Here we go again by Liam Doolan 8 hours ago Nintendo fans have reportedly started to “troll” and spam the company’s UK Twitter account after the Japanese branch blocked a bunch of soundtracks on YouTube earlier this week. It all kicked off on 8th December, when video game soundtrack archivist and YouTube Channel GilvaSunner revealed…Continue Reading

Random: Smash Bros. Director Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Thoughts About The PlayStation 5

Highly recommends Astro’s Playroom by Liam Doolan 2 hours agoEven the legendary video game director Masahiro Sakurai needs a break every once and a while, so what does he do when he’s not working on new fighters and content for the Nintendo Switch title Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? He plays other games and systems on…Continue Reading

Random: It’s Possible To Play PS5 (Or Any Other Console) Via Your GBA

Hope you don’t mind a resolution drop by Damien McFerran 12 hours agoWhenever a new piece of technology arrives on the scene, there’s always the temptation to push it in unexpected directions, and that’s what YouTuber The Retro Future has done for the shiny new PlayStation 5. While this smart new console is technically capable…Continue Reading

Random Kindness is the Best Kind

Random acts of kindness are just that, random. But, in the hustle and bustle of life, oftentimes these simple actions are pushed to the back burner. However, everyone—from mere strangers to family members—could greatly benefit from a little compassion. Use these simple ideas to make someone’s day a little brighter! Compliment someone for his or…Continue Reading