CNR: Best Oculus Quest 2 accessories for 2021

The powerful and affordable Oculus Quest 2 has brought virtual reality as close as it’s ever been to the mainstream. The VR gaming system is cable-free, which is essential for having a great VR experience. While prices for it start at $300 for the 64GB version, it’s pretty bare-bones and doesn’t include anything beyond the VR…Continue Reading

Why kids matter in the quest to stamp out COVID-19

Get jabbed — Inoculating kids can help protect an entire population. Gregory Barber, – Jan 31, 2021 11:44 am UTC Last December, when Caleb Chung, a 12-year-old in Durham, North Carolina, first heard from his dad that he might be eligible for a local clinical trial of a COVID-19 vaccine, his reaction was a…Continue Reading

‘Galaxy Quest 2’ is ‘a fabulous script’ according to Tim Allen

Home News Entertainment “Galaxy Quest” is truly an epic, multi-layered movie that succeeded as much by accident as by design. (Image: © DreamWorks Pictures) The prospect of a second “Galaxy Quest” movie was recently reignited when star Tim Allen spoke about the long overdue sequel to Entertainment Weekly. The project had apparently been gradually gaining…Continue Reading

In quest to find birth family, a woman makes ‘life-altering’ discovery: She’s a princess

Sarah Culberson saw the unthinkable during her first visit to Bumpe, Sierra Leone in 2004 — children wandering with missing limbs, schools reduced to rubble, entire neighborhoods destroyed or burned.This was no leisurely trip to the West African country known for its white sand beaches, though. Arriving in the small town of Bumpe, Culberson was…Continue Reading

My Quest for a Job at the Trump White House

According to two sources familiar with the situation, as well as written communications … the White House Presidential Personnel Office (PPO) is still in the process of vetting candidates for job openings in various parts of the federal government, positions that the White House intended to fill by early next year.—Asawin Suebsaeng, Daily Beast, November…Continue Reading