2nd quarter: Game tied 3-3, but the Chicago Bears offensive line takes another hit as Bobby Massie leaves with a knee injury

The Chicago Bears are back home in Week 8, hosting the New Orleans Saints at Soldier Field. 1st quarter: Santos makes a 44-yard FG Bears kicker Cairo Santos made a 44-yard field goal to tie the game against the Saints at 3-3 with 1:13 to play in the first quarter. The Bears’ first drive of…Continue Reading

More than one-quarter of football fans reckon they have a “sixth sense” for knowing what is going to happen during a game.A poll of 1,000 followers of the sport found seven in 10 have had made a prediction about a match that turned out to be correct. Although the same proportion confessed their pre-game predictions…Continue Reading

mcdonalds to bring back quarter pounder options and a bacon mcdouble next month

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, McDonald’s simplified their menu and discarded a number of food items. As the country reopens, McDonald’s remains intent on providing customers with fewer options in the interest of quality, convenience, and service. McDonald’s will bring back seven previously discarded items next month, a list which includes two Quarter…Continue Reading