Biden pledges to keep bans on travellers from UK and Europe

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Biden pledges to help fix the child-care crisis in America. Here is his plan

FatCamera | E+ | Getty ImagesPresident-elect Joe Biden has a plan to help fix what he calls the immediate and acute child-care crisis in America.He unveiled his proposal on Thursday, as part of his sweeping $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package.”If left unaddressed, many child care providers will close — some permanently — and millions of…Continue Reading

Britain pledges $227 million annual civilian and food aid to Afghanistan

GENEVA: Britain said it will pledge $227 million in annual civilian and food aid for Afghanistan at a conference on Tuesday in Geneva where officials from about 70 countries and humanitarian organizations will pledge billions of dollars for the war-torn nation. Dependent on foreign aid, Afghanistan is at risk of receiving between 15 percent and…Continue Reading

Joe Biden Pledges To ‘Unite’ America In Powerful Victory Speech: ‘I Will Be President For All Americans”

Watch November 7, 2020 9:04PM EST President-elect Joe Biden celebrated his 2020 election win with a powerful speech on Nov. 7 — one in which he made sure everyone felt represented. Shortly after Joe Biden was declared the official winner of the 2020 Presidential election on Nov. 7, he and Kamala Harris started celebrating by…Continue Reading

20 pledges for 2020: Why conserving water has improved our sense of smell

Last night, for the first and hopefully last time, I put a load of used nappies up for auction.  Don’t click away in revulsion just yet though. I’m flogging the brightly coloured, re-usable, astonishingly user friendly cloth variety, rather than a swathe of the one billion plastic ones we merrily sling into landfill every year…Continue Reading

Philadelphia pledges to do better after fatal shooting of Black man

Philadelphia Philadelphia police pledged to release 911 tapes and police body camera footage “in the near future” in the shooting death of a Black man with a history of mental health problems, a death that prompted protests, widespread vandalism, and an overnight curfew days before Election Day.Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw pledged to release the video…Continue Reading

Bloomberg Pledges $100 Million To Four HBCUs To Boost Number Of Black Doctors

TOPLINE Bloomberg Philanthropies, the charitable arm of former presidential contender Michael Bloomberg’s empire, on Thursday pledged $100 million in scholarships to four of America’s historically Black medical schools over the next four years, with the move triggered in part by the devastating impact Covid-19 is having in the Black community. Mike Bloomberg at Gathering Place…Continue Reading