“Before the Plague Came, I Had It Made”: Trump Strikes a Doubtful Note in Pennsylvania

On Tuesday afternoon, a few hours before Donald Trump was scheduled to hold a rally on an airport tarmac in Erie, Pennsylvania, a tractor-trailer bearing a jumble of anti-Hillary Clinton slogans was spotted on the city’s streets: “Hillary’s Lying, Crooked World”; “Emails be gone!”; “Hillary for prison.” Nearly forty million Americans have already voted in…Continue Reading

The bubonic plague has reached US shores

The bubonic plague claimed a victim in western Mongolia just a few days after China reported a bubonic case in the Inner Mongolia region. Authorities confirmed that a 15-year teen died after contracting the infection. Separately, a squirrel in Colorado has tested positive for the bubonic plague, according to the Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH)…Continue Reading

a plague amid a pandemic east africa west asia combat surging locust outbreak

When the skies darkened suddenly over Michael Gatiba’s 10-acre farm in Nakuru County, Kenya, what came pouring down stunned him: millions of desert locusts.”It was like a storm,” Gatiba, 45, said by telephone. “It was like hail. They covered everywhere. Even there was no sun.”That was three months ago. Although Gatiba said he was lucky…Continue Reading