Google Pixel phones now take screenshots instantly, just like Samsung and iPhone

Google has improved the screenshot experience on Android quite a bit in recent years, and now the company is delivering another tweak. With the latest Feature Drop, Google has quietly made Pixel phones take a screenshot instantly. After installing the December security patch and Feature Drop on Pixel smartphones, you’ll notice the first time you…Continue Reading

Surprise: Pixel 5 Automatically Becomes a Wireless Charger when Plugged In

Cameron SummersonReverse wireless charging is a neat trick, seen on a few high-end phones that have both Qi-powered wireless charging and a big enough battery to occasionally share. But Google’s latest Pixel goes one step further: if you plug it into power the old-fashioned way, it automatically becomes a conventional wireless charging pad. The “Battery…Continue Reading

Google says Pixel 5 screen and body gap is ‘normal part of the design’

As customers started receiving the Pixel 5 in mid-October, some noticed a small gap between the display and frame. Google has investigated the issue and says this is a “normal part of the design” that will not impact water resistance. A “Community Specialist” this afternoon said that Google investigated affected units and looked at “quality control…Continue Reading

Pixel 4a 5G Review: Everything you need, nothing you don’t

I’m convinced that Google’s Pixel strategy this year was the right move for the company despite all the drawbacks that it brought to the smartphone line. Coming off Apple’s iPhone 12 event, where it launched four new premium devices, I find myself wondering why. Yes, it’s an apples-to-oranges comparison, but I don’t think the iPhone…Continue Reading